About Matt G:

Matt Goudreau (Matt G. as he's known to most) is a Photographer and Filmmaker based in Austin, Texas currently. From the age he could pick up a camera, you'd rarely find him not recording a silly video or taking photographs of anything and everything. In 2006 he created his first YouTube channel at the age of 13. This would go on to amass 250k views in a year. This was 3 years before the YT Partner Program existed so he didn't know he could make a living off of it yet. As he got older and embarrassed of his first youtube URL he deleted it and started focusing on a new channel geared towards comedy and vlogging, This Channel: has been recognized by top YT talent such as NigaHiga (21m Subscribers) who then invited him to compete on his show "Internet Icon" in Los Angeles in back to back years. Inspired by a life of creativity and sharing cool things, Matt G started vlogging his adventures, as well as teaching people Photography tutorials and techniques throughout his videos.

Matt G has always been fascinated by the little things that make life beautiful, the way a person smiles when they read a message from someone they like, the way someone stares off into the distance as they ponder life, listening to someone talk about what they're passionate about, and so he got into Lifestyle Photography; Having the adventurer spirit also drives him to amazing nature photography, he could spend everyday capturing moments of people in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. If you're looking for someone to capture the real, raw you, or make you feel like a million bucks, then contact Matt G above cause he makes one simple guarantee "I don't do this simply to make money or treat it like just a job, I do this because with or without the money, I would still have a camera in my hands capturing the beauty of life. I simply love every aspect of creating photography and I will put that same love into every photo I take for you."